Indian Salwar Suits and its Different types by


India has always been recognized for its traditional and ethnic attires for women that not only looks aristocratic, but also designate a women’s elegance in a way that perhaps no other costume could. Indian Salwar Suit is one of those renowned attires which are known for their beauty and charm.  It defines latest styles and statements along with comfort.

The Indian Salwar kameez are available in wide patterns and styles, it differs by its stitching styles, fabric, designs and prints. Some of the most basic types of Indian salwar kameez are as below:

Churidar Salwar Suits: In churidar salwar suit the upper portion (kurta or kameez) is same like traditional pattern but the lower part is a tight fit like stretch jeans, this lower part contains wrinkles around the ankle which are called Churies there for the style is known as Churidar Salwar Suit.



Patiala Salwar Suit: Patiala salwar suit is a perfect blend of traditional style. The upper portion in this pattern is similar like traditional kurta or kameez, and the bottom has drapes/pleats which are twisted and gathered at the lower hald of the waist.



Anarkali Salwar Kameez: Anarkali salwar suit is one of the most elegant and intricate style of salwar suits. The top is a long ankle length kurta which fits on the bust and normally features large pleats following around the legs like an umbrella. And the bottom is usually in the form of a churidar.


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